First a few words from the experts on biochar and it's potential.

"The Promise of Biochar"

Some information on our biochar production, both presently used and planned for the future.

The following youtube video shows our stage one biochar production method....

The picture to the right shows a 11' dia fuel tank, with 6" for insulation, set over a 10' dia.X 30' railroad tank car 1" thick, 36,000 lbs.. The end of the building is made of 16' high, self supporting, concrete sections, made for bunker silos and luckily it has held 16' of dirt, with no movement.

The log truck will top load wood waste, without chipping or grinding, and it will be converted to char.

Ken Calvert said the steel would gradually flake off from the heat, when the goal was complete gasification. With biochar being the goal, we will run it at a lower temperature, hopefully elliminating this potential problem.

The large tank will be used to produce char in the winter, with only six inches of insulation there should still be enough heat generated from the charring process to heat the building.

The picture below shows the tank from outside.

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