The Winona Farm

The Farm is located at 22501 East Burns Valley Road, and is open every day of the year from "sunrise to sunset". For information feel free to call us on [507] 454 3126 or email Dick & Susan Gallien.

Visitors are welcome, whether you are on a day-trip looking for something different to the commercial attractions, a local bringing your grass clippings to feed to our happy pigs living on the compost pile, brush for our goats to nibble on, fall leaves as winter bedding for our Belted Galloway Cattle and Yaks, or just visiting to see the animals. Stop in, and see an old fashioned farm, with a variety of livestock.

When you enter the farm, please drive slowly as we have free range chickens, geese, and goats. Our grandchildren and visitors children could also be wandering around freely too, so caution is required!

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