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We were stunned almost speechless by this letter. It was a response to our offer of one month's free pick-up so that we could let the school district know just how much food is discarded by them, and how much it would cost for us to recycle these wastes, instead of having it rotting and mummifying in a land-fill and potentially polluting water supplies.

Their letterhead is made a mockery of by the words contained within the document, a piece of environmental terrorism if ever I saw one. What does this attitude teach the "learners" within such a system? Though I guess these learners are taught all sorts of things about pollution and waste in far away places, as their own foods are forever removed from Nature's cycle... so this excuses the monumental stupidity.

I particularly liked the part that says; "District staff would not be responsible for monitoring or separating waste products". It amazes me that an educational institution could take such a stand, when the recycling program could offer so much in the way of making children aware of an environmental issue while giving the students something real to do to help slow the flow of potential resources to the land-fill.

"You would maintain all responsibility to pick up collection bins daily within one hour after lunch is served"... That is a ridiculous demand; with eight schools in the local school district this would be an impossible feat.

So we took the hint and didn't give the schools a chance to see how much food was being discarded, or work out for them how much money we could save them on their waste management account. It is very disheartening to see the attitudes of the people who are meant to be educated and aware and sharing their knowledge with the next generation.

such amazingly ridiculous bullshit from the so-called educational institutionSusan Gallien

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